Buzuba. Art by Boaz Yagozinski - בועז יגוז'ינסקי - מעצב ומאייר - אדריכל ומאייר, עיתונות, מולטימדיה, ספרי ילדים, דמויות, איור קלאסי, אישי ומסחרי

Boaz yagozinski illustration & design

Boaz yagozinski is an architect, illustrator and designer, born and raised in Israel.
In 2000 Boaz graduated from architecture school of Tel-Aviv University.

"As a kid I was always drawing to avoid the teachers, but as a growing teenager I found it unacceptable to be caught without at least one of my growing collections of drawing tools.

In 2000 I started working as an architect at "STUDIOTECH", an architecture & design studio. Over time I found my self doodeling the houses, the trees, the clients, the food... which finally led me back to my old passion.

After 5 years (or was it 6? or 7?) of hard work in two architecture companies (in one I was operating as a leading architect and still work as a consultant & adviser- see link attached) I started working on my NEW illustration portfolio, which is gradually being published here in at this site..."

Boaz is a self taught artist that loves experiencing in a variety of Medias & styles as well as in different fields of expression.

"I would love to take part in illustration for magazines, digital media, character design, concept, games, children books, fashion or any other creative project"

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Dynamic Shells
Boaz Yagozinski was one of the head developers of a world patented solution for prefabricated houses. He had traveled all the way to Bellies, Angola, India, All Salvador and South Africa and took an active part in a world wide effort of supplying an affordable housing solution for the needed.

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